Mick Reeves Hurricane Build Problems

This page is all about the problems that I have come across as the same as others have done but I hope to bring them to the beginning of the build so others then know what they are before they have committed them self's in to the build and have to do it again or worst ruin the build and there enthusiasm and to point out the way I have got round the problems, I will do this a section at a time starting with the Fuselage, then the tail section followed by the centre wing section and last the outer wings

1/4.5 scale Hawker Hurricane
1/4.5 scale Hawker Hurricane

I also hope to add some tips and tricks to the problems an when I can show what others have done to get around the problems so then give others a choice of a way out. This page will be built up of buttons to press under each category There will be more added while the build goes on untill finished it will not be all systimatic .


fuselarge side piece

Side Wall Formers