1. Hi Steven
    Been reading your items on the Mick Reeves 1:4.5 scale Hurricane.
    I am currently building one of these and have also encountered a lot of issues. Mine appears to be a very old kit. It was given to me a club member who had given up trying to build it. I’ve sorted out most of the issues and some fixes very similar to what you have done. What I am particularly interested in finding out is how are you fitting the engine into the cowl. I am also using a DLE 85 but it sticks out a lot and there is not a lot of room for the muffler. I am looking at the option of making a “Vokes filter” to at least hide most the engine.
    I would appreciate it if you would be happy to share what you have done , or some photos. Really keen to see what others are doing. I live just outside Wellington in New Zealand. Most large model stuff we need to either make ourselves or pay a lot to get items shipped here. Thanks

    1. Hi Don
      I have fitted the engine at an angle and getting a exhaust for the engine with double the baffles I also made the engine box shorter and used the pillars to put the engine at the correct distance for the cowle, please ask any other question you have.


  2. Hi Steven
    Thanks for the reply , do you have any photos you can share. Also are you making the muffler yourself or getting someone to make for you , I’d be really keen to have a look .
    I was even thinking of extending the prop hub so I could get the cylinder head back further. I’m going to have another look now and tilt the engine , thought I’d already tried that but then had muffler issues… Off to the workshop and have another look.

    1. I dont think the mistake will ever get removed becaus they are not veyr good at changes things or explaining that have said this to me

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